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Developer/Sysadmin, college kid, musician, etc.

About Me

Hi, I’m Emerson. I’m a developer/sysadmin for Thinkbox. I used to write some blogs, which are below this section, however I discovered that writing code is more fun than writing blogs. A lot of my side projects can be found on Gitlab and a lot of my contributions to other projects can be found on GitHub.

If you want to contact me, emailing emerson@emersonveenstra.net is the best way. Otherwise, I’m emersonveenstra on Twitter and Telegram.


Some blogs about various technical things:

Hide Giphies in Slack

Going through how to hide giphy posts in Slack

A New Website (again)

Five months after moving my blog from WordPress to Ghost, I'm moving it from Ghost to Jekyll.

WordPress and the Google Map Charts API

I walk through making a dynamic chart using a Google API

MongoDB + Raspberry Pi (without building anything!)

I show how to get MongoDB running on your Pi without needing to build anything

A New Website

My reasons for switching from WordPress to Ghost