Emerson's Site Sysadmin and college kid

About Me

Hi, I'm Emerson. I work as a System Administrator for tbx, where I maintain the hosting, automation, and monitoring systems.

Personally, I have a big interest in decentralized systems, security, the future of technology, and metrics/data visualization. I run some Tor relays, my own mailservers, and my own nameservers.

Contact Me

The best way is good old email, [anything]@emersonveenstra.net will get to me. My first name is generally a good choice, but be creative if you want. I don't have my GPG key available anymore, I'll be making a new one soon if you're into that. Otherwise, +1-616-730-1086 is my phone/Signal number, and I'm also on Twitter.


I'm not necessarily looking for a job, but if you're interested, contact me and we can talk. Until I get a real resume up here, generally anything dealing with my interests listed above will get my attention. I'm not interested in one-off or contract/side jobs, simply because I don't have the time to do them.