Emerson's Site

Web/Software Dev, college kid, musician, etc.

About Me

My name is Emerson Veenstra. I am from Grand Rapids, MI, and currently work as a web dev for Thinkbox Creative.

This website is a place for me to write about anything interesting I’ve tried, and just anything I’ve done where I’ve thought “Someone should write a tutorial about this”. I also have Writing Wednesdays, which are shorter blogs that are more personal/opinionated than the normal blogs.

Other than coding, I love outdoorsy stuff like hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, etc., as well as playing/writing/recording music.

Contact info

For most people, email is the best way to contact me. You can be creative, anything sent to makeupyourownwordhere@emersonveenstra.net will get to me. Popular choices include hello@emersonveenstra.net or imnotanemailharvester@emersonveenstra.net. If you don’t want to be creative, emerson@ works just fine too, and that’s the address I’ll respond with anyways.