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My Resume

It's tough to fit everything I want to say into a single-page PDF, so this page expands upon my official resume for interested parties. It's also written how I usually write/talk, rather than the official resume style.

Objective (long-winded version)

Above all else, I want to gain and use knowledge and skills to help others succeed. I know that sounds cliche and very much a young millennial/old Gen Z thing to say, but it's the best way I can describe it. In my professional career thus far, the work that I'm most proud of isn't when I solve a really challenging problem (although those are very rewarding!). It's when I do something that makes other people's jobs easier. I spent months (spoiler alert) overhauling server infrastructure. While that was fantastic, and I learned a ton, I'm more proud of the couple of days I spent figuring out how to automate site creation and a way to quickly sync environments. It turned minutes of tedious work into seconds of automated work, and the developers loved it. That's the type of work I'm most proud of.

Professional Experience

I've been working in the field professionally for about 8 years. Started out as a frontend dev intern, then was hired after my internship was done. Since then, I've moved from frontend to custom WordPress theme dev, then to sysadmin/DevOps, and finally back to custom WordPress theme dev.

LaFleur Marketing

Title: Web Developer
Date: March 2020 - June 2021
Location: Fully remote, office in Grand Rapids, MI

TBX - Part 2

Title: System Admin
Date: July 2016 - March 2020
Location: Grand Rapids, MI

TBX - Part 1

Title: Web Developer
Date: June 2013 - July 2016
Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Personal Volunteer Work

I'm a big fan of giving back to communities and projects that I've benefited from whenever I can. I'm only expanding on the ones where I was in charge of something. Some of the one-off code/bug report contributions were for:

I also contribute semi-regularly to OpenStreetMap. I mainly use RapID to map most of the Greater Grand Rapids area buildings and also do some survey mapping of local areas.

Here are the volunteer positions where I've been in charge of things:


Title: Staff Member
Date: May 2021 - Present
Location: The Internet

Libera.Chat is a new IRC network that was started after freenode changed ownership. I offered to come back to help during the first few days when there was a massive influx of users and communities. Then I decided to stay on and become a member of the organization.


Title: Staff Member, Infrastructure team
Date: June 2016 - November 2019
Location: The Internet

freenode was an IRC network that provided chat infrastructure for thousands of FOSS projects and communities (Wikimedia, Chromium, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Python, among others). During my tenure, we had an average of 80,000 concurrent users and 50,000 channels.

Scot Radio

Title: Director of Technology
Date: Aug 2014 - May 2015
Location: Gordon College, Wenham, MA

Scot Radio is the internet radio station of Gordon College. In my sophomore year, I was the Director of Technology. Technically, I was paid for this role, but it worked out to about $2/hour, so I consider it volunteering.


In my spare time, I work on some personal projects. Currently they are: